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Christ the King Roman Catholic Parish

9 Crescent Gardens, Wimbledon Park
London, SW19 8AJ
Parish Priest: Fr. Anthony Plummer
Email: wimbledonpark@rcaos.org.uk Telephone: 020 8946 2091

Facebook (Closed group):
Parishioners/Friends of Christ the King, Wimbledon Park


New Parishioners


Please complete a Parish Registration Form, available from the carousel at the back of church and return it to the Presbytery letter box at 9 Crescent Gardens, just around the corner.

There is usually at least one person to welcome people as they come into Sunday mass. Please make yourself known to them or to the priest. After the 10.30 a.m. Mass ALL are invited into the hall for a cuppa and chat. This is an easy way of getting to know fellow parishioners or just arranging dates with the priest.

For more information see our Parish directory.


Gift aid and standing orders

Please consider joining the gift aid scheme and also setting up a standing order in favour of Christ the King. If you are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid is a wonderful way to make your offertory donation more valuable to Christ the King. Standing order forms make it even easier to make a regular contribution to the parish.

Download the forms:
- Gift Aid Declaration and Standing Order Mandate.



Baptisms: Please see Fr Anthony. Baptism dates and Preparation Sessions for 2019 are listed in the porch

Marriages: You need to give at least 6 months’ notice.

Confession: on Saturdays, 10am-10.30am and 5.30pm-5.45pm, or just ask

Baptism dates and preparation sessions for 2020 are listed in the porch


Parish prayer

Father, pour out your Spirit upon the people of this parish and grant them a new vision of your glory, a new experience of your power, a new faithfulness to your word, and a consecration to your service.

That your love may grow among us and your kingdom come, through Christ our Lord. Amen


Parish Safeguarding team

The Archdiocese of Southwark is committed to the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable adults. The Diocese co-operates fully with CSAS, the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service, which aims to help the Church become an example of best practice in the Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults, and develop a "culture of vigilance" to ensure that children and vulnerable adults in our care are kept safe from harm.

The members of the Safeguarding team at Christ the King are Celine Duckworth, David Boyce and Simon Cowdry.

Call 07927 123 926.


"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life."

John 3:16

Latest newsletters

- 29 November 2020, 1st Sunday of Advent (B)
- 22 November 2020, Christ the King (A)
- 15 November 2020, 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)
- 8 November 2020, 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

Latest Mass sheets

- Mass sheet 29 November 2020.
- Mass sheet 22 November 2020.

- **New** Advent Calendar: 2020.


Church re-opening

Starting from Wednesday, 2 December, there will be public Mass every day.

The church is also open for private prayer as follows:
Monday to Saturday: 10am-10:30am
And: Monday: 12pm-1pm, 6pm-7pm
Tuesday: 6pm-7pm
Wednesday: 12pm-1:30pm, 6pm-7pm
Thursday: 1pm-2pm, 6pm-7pm
Friday: 12pm-1pm
Sunday: 10:15am-11am


From the newsletters

ADVENT – This Sunday 29 November is the First Sunday of Advent.
- All are invited to join us ‘Online’ THIS Sunday 29 Nov for a special CTK Advent Sunday Celebration at 11-11.20am. Advent songs, readings & prayers, ending with CTK children lighting an Advent Candle. Please join at 10.55am to enable an 11am start. See newsletter for details.
- Beautiful Christmas Carols: Come and listen to recorded Carols each Thursday between 12noon-1pm in the Church up until Christmas. You might like to light a candle too?
- ‘My Day to Day’ Advent booklets for Junior and Infant Children are available, free of charge, from the newsletter tables.
- Advent Calendars (purple sheets) are also available from the newsletter tables - or can be downloaded here. These have suggestions on what we can do each day as a Christian in preparation for Christmas.

OPENING OUR CHURCH FOR PRIVATE PRAYER – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. We are very grateful to those who have been stewarding. Naturally people’s lives change and some cannot do it anymore. So, we are looking for more volunteers. There is nothing fixed about WHEN the church can be open. So, if you would be willing to come along every week for one hour at a time of your choosing, please do let me know. We can then make a new rota.

QUIZ TIME DURING VIRUS LAST CHANCE. Answers will be given in the following week's NL. Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer. DS means double score. NB there may be more than one answer especially about patron saints. Prizes for the most points as we end this week.

Quiz week 11
- 1. What is a curate?
- 2. Can you name the virtues (Catholic)? DS
- 3. Can you name the vices? DS
- 4. What are the Theological Virtues?
- 5. Why are these different?
- 6. Who was St Therese of Lisieux?

Answers Quiz 10
- 1. Because they brought 3 gifts.
- 2. Love God and love your neighbour.
- 3. 7.
- 4. 40 days after Easter.
- 5. Ordained minister of Service.
- 6. Priest's outer garment for Mass.

CHRISTMAS TREES – LAST CHANCE TO ORDER YOURS – Deadline this Monday 30 November – DON’T MISS OUT! Please do order yours from us again & help to support your parish, particularly since there was Christmas Fair due to COVID 19. Please either collect a form from the newsletter tables or you can download one here. The trees will arrive at CTK on Friday 11 December and can either be collected by yourselves or, for a fee of £5, can be delivered to your home. Cheques payable to Christ the King Church. Please return all orders/payments to the Presbytery.

GIFT AID & STANDING ORDERS – IMPORTANT! Since the first lockdown many of you have been unable to give in your normal weekly contributions. Like many others your church has suffered financially as a result. For those of you not registered on our parish Gift Aid Scheme please do consider joining. If you are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid is a wonderful way to make your offertory donation more valuable to Christ the King. For every £8 you donate to the church, the UK government adds another £2, which is refunded to the parish. Please consider joining the gift aid scheme and also setting up a standing order in favour of Christ the King. Forms can be downloaded from the parish website or Facebook page and completed forms returned to Joanne in the parish office.

MOTHERS’ PRAYERS: Join us every Weds at 7.30pm in the church to pray for children & grandchildren. Any queries contact Marie - details in the newsletter.

DEPAUL CHRISTMAS COLLECTION: This year our Christmas Collection for Depaul UK will take place on the weekends of 5/6 & 12/13 December. (Or, you can bring items to the Presbytery on Weds, Thurs, Fri 11am-3pm). There will be boxes at the back of the church for your donations. Gifts, toiletries and thermals (hats/gloves/scarves) greatly appreciated! Thank you.

INTERFAITH ONLINE PROGRAMME. Focus on the Challenges faced by Ethnic Communities in the UK, in particular on the solutions each faith provides to the present ills in society. All are invited to join us online next Sat 5 December at 4.45pm – Fr Anthony is one of the invited speakers for this event organised by the local Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – Zoom link will follow in next week’s newsletter.

CTK CONFIRMATION GROUP 2020: Please take a look at the photos of the recently Confirmed Group of 13 – displayed on the ‘glass’ at the back of Church. Despite the current restrictions, meaning that the Group were split into two separate Ceremonies, all went very well. Renewed Congratulations to those Confirmed and many thanks again to their Catechists, Paul Mason and Helen Forbes.

MISSIO – RED BOXES & CALENDARS: Could all holders of Red Boxes please return them to the Presbytery as soon as possible, so that John can send Missio its money before Christmas? Please bring them to the Parish Office. There are many empty boxes at the back of the church so please do take one home with you. A big thank you to all who have already handed in their boxes! Also, please pick up a free Missio Calendar from the newsletter tables or from inside the main church door.

FREE The Bible Timeline Course, started on Wednesday 4th November 2020 at 7.00pm, over 7 weekly sessions. http://www.comeandsee.org/registration.html.


Mass in the time of COVID-19

1. Currently there is no Sunday obligation required and parishioners who have concerns about numbers can always attend mass during the week when social distancing will be less of a problem.

2. The wearing of Face Coverings is now MANDATORY in Places of Worship – except for those who are exempt from doing so. With the introduction of wearing of face coverings we will now change to a 1.5 metre distancing rule in place of the 2 metre one.

3. There is no booking system and attendance works on a first come basis.

4. There is some room in the choir loft and the Lady Chapel.

5. Entrance to the church is only through the main entrance. The side entrance and the main entrance are both be used for parishioners exiting the church after mass.

6. All double doors will be opened for the exit.

7. Sorry, the Toilet will not be available at mass times.

8. All parishioners should use the hand sanitizing gel on entering the church. If anyone has an allergy to certain gels they should bring their own with them.

9. A mass sheet is provided at all masses and these must be taken home by parishioners and not left on the benches.

10. Parishioners are advised that money for the 1st and 2nd collections should be put in the box (1st Collection) or bucket (2nd Collection) as they enter the main body of the church.

11. No collection will be made during mass.

12. There will be no Prayers of the Faithful, no offertory procession and no exchange sign of peace.

13. When approaching the sanctuary for Holy Communion, there will be no floor markings to denote the social distancing of 1.5 metres. Parishioners will be expected to use their common sense. If the person in front of them is not part of their “bubble” they should allow a two-bench distance between them.

14. ***UPDATED*** At Communion the Eucharist will be distributed by Fr Anthony and Michael Jones * from behind the altar railings. Communion will be given silently in the hand only. When they approach Fr Anthony or Michael Jones, they should unloop their face coverings and consume the Sacred Host and then replace the face covering before moving back to the pews.

15. People should receive with do so with their arms at “full stretch” so that there is a good distance between them. Their hands, palms upwards, one on top of the other, should be extended as flatly as possible. Having received Holy Communion, communicants should move back to their seats via the side aisles. The Precious Blood will NOT be offered.

16. There can be no singing at mass. Music will be played by individuals at the Sun 8.30am mass. Recorded music may be used at the 10.30am mass and maybe at Sat 6.00pm. Should a hymn be played we are not to join in with the singing.

17. Whilst all children are welcome at masses, parents need to be mindful that they have to remain in their family “bubble” and toddlers must not run around the church for their own safety.

18. On entry all sanitise hands, then Government says every individual/family must sign in (like Pubs).

* Michael has kindly volunteered to be at all 3 masses to Serve, Read and Distribute Communion. Hence the sanctuary will always be a safe area and we avoid complicated rotas and instructions etc.


Daily Masses: Live streaming from various churches can be found on the internet.
- e.g. There are live Masses, Prayer, Rosaries from morning to night from around GB & Ireland. Go to: churchservices.tv/eltham and select 'WHAT'S ON NOW' or 'SCHEDULES'.
- For Mass Readings for each day go to: Readings at Mass - Universalis.


IMPORTANT: If you have a love one go into hospital, please let the CATHOLIC chaplain know.


Latest information from the Archdiocese

Mass for the Sick and their Families, NHS Front-Line workers and those working in Social Care

Each week from 23rd April a Catholic Bishop will celebrate Mass in their Cathedral, which will be live-streamed for people to join. This will take place every Thursday at 7.00pm.

By visiting the Cathedral webpage (www.westminstercathedral.org.uk/), or the Bishops’ Conference Webpage (cbcew.org.uk) links for the live-streaming of these Masses can be found.

Archdiocese of Southwark Pastoral Letter Concerning the Measures to be put in place Regarding Public Worship and the Celebration of the Sacraments in Relation to the COVID-19 (Coronavius) Pandemic: download.

Archdiocese of Southwark Letter to the Clergy Concerning the Measures to be put in place Regarding Public Worship and the Celebration of the Sacraments in Relation to the COVID-19 (Coronavius) Pandemic: download.

Coronavirus, and living our faith, a message from the parish’s SVP Conference

I want to help – what can I do?

First and foremost, keep your prayers going. We all need them. Then :

1. Reach out to our neighbours and fellow parishioners. Call or put a note through their door, with your contact details, offering to help. Join local efforts, like local Residents’ Associations, or the systems being recommended by each of our local MPs. Let us know of other practical steps that we can publicise.

2. Food banks. Local food banks have been running short. Some supermarkets have designated places to donate, or you can give an online donation or send an online order direct to the food bank, even if it has to wait a week.

3. Volunteer to be a Phone twin Can you sign up to call a named parishioner once a day, partly as a safety check but also to relieve the sheer boredom?

4.Identifying people without internet access, and offering to help get them online A small but significant minority of parishioners, mostly over 80, are not online. If they decide it would be a good idea to take the plunge, can you help to get them up and going?

5. Let us know if you have any skills to offer We will use the parish Facebook site to make specific requests. Please look at it, and volunteer where you can.

I need help – what can I do?

Follow Government advice, but if you need practical help, with shopping or anything else, get in touch. If you just want to talk through what is on your mind, please call.

1. Phone or text us on 07946 712 714.

2. Use the parish Facebook site – it is a ‘closed’ group so please ask to join if you are on Facebook ‘Parishioners & Friends of Christ the King, Wimbledon Park’. It is a great way to keep in touch – particularly in these difficult times!

Just leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We in the SVP send you our prayers and hope to see you again soon.


CTK FACEBOOK GROUP: Our CTK Facebook group now has 154 members! It is a private, ‘closed’ group, so please do ask to join if you are on Facebook – ‘Parishioners & Friends of Christ the King, Wimbledon Park’. It’s a great way to keep in touch with what is going on!


The God Who Speaks

The coming year will be one of celebrating, living and sharing God's word, through a range of events, activities and resources.


From 30 Sept 2019 to 31 Dec 2020 The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales has designated 2020 as ‘The God who Speaks’ – A year of the word to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘Verbum Domini’ – Pope Benedict’s Apostolic Exhortation, ‘The Word of the Lord’ – and the 1,600th anniversary of the death of St Jerome, who translated the Bible into Latin.
The Year will be one of celebrating, living and sharing God’s word, through a range of events, activities and resources. We are invited to listen afresh to the word of God as did Our Blessed Lady at the Annunciation, to encounter anew the presence of that word, and to proclaim it afresh in the Church and the World.
For further information see: www.cbcew.org.uk/home/events/the-god-who-speaks/.


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